This is my personal site. So, what's a Noffke? As far as I know, we came from the Stolp region in Pomerania (presently NW Poland), which dates back to the mid 1600s. I've heard the town was called Stolp. My heritage is German, but an old Polish literature professor of mine swore the name was Polish. History has changed the borders of these countries so many times, it's not worth counting, so who really knows.

The Noffke family immigrated to both Canada and the United States. It appears that some of us even made it over to Australia and New Zealand, and even South Africa. My family is from northeastern Wisconsin, which probably moved to Milwaukee first, then north from there.


I love my family.  My boys are awsome, each with their own unique human perspective. My wife is the glue that keeps us all together.  My neices and nephew are great and gotta love my brother.  We in turn thank our parents for our sucesses.  From time to time I'll post a thought on a moment in time from that part of my life.


We all have to work in order to enjouy the things that we love.  Its not an option for most people, for few it is simply entertainment.  I've been fortunate to know some of both, and work with some of the smartest, most talented people in the  industry.  I try to keep my resume up tp date and post every now and then about the technologies that I've worked with.

Free Time

Lately I've been learning more about farming.  I've been told that it all starts with the basics, making fence. 

I used to be a better golfer, but just didn't have the time this year to get my form into good shape.  We'll see what next year brings.